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Kedai Buku Pintar Sdn Bhd (KBP) was founded in the year 2001 by Mr & Mrs. Sarma Rao when

they  realised that there was a lack of book shops that had the complete range of text books for school

children in the area of Cheng, Melaka. They knew nothing about running a bookshop and had to start from


Daughter of a rubber tapper, Mrs Sarma Rao had to take up a huge challenge in managing her role

as a housewife and also a mother of four. However, this does not stop her from expanding her business

and also rise from every obstacles she encountered. Mr and Mrs Sarma Rao has to juggle their parenting

role in educating their 4 children and successfully managed the business and over the years steered the

family’s business from a simple bookshop to a multi-storey outlet offering every single element that a

student requires from books, stationery to uniforms.

This has became their priority and mission to set up a store which caters all educational needs for

children. From only, stationery and books, KBP is now one of the one stop educational needs for your

children which caters school uniforms, school bags and also school shoes.

Open daily from 10am to 9pm KBP now stands proudly as an icon for those searching for a

one-stop bookstore.